viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Last week I started the 2014 touring to Mike's group from Californa, one of the 6 members was Pam (from Florida). The rest of them Renneè, Scott, Dolores and Connie. We did have a very good time together during the three days we toured from their hotel in Bilbao to Cantabria, Lourdes and Rioja.

But what makes me more happy is the fact that I got such a good review as this one:

 Patxo was wonderful in designing a three day tour from Bilbao for us. He was very cooperative through many emails to combine his suggestions with our ideas to come up with an itinerary just for us. He is personable and knowledable and speaks English very well. His contacts with wineries and restaurants enabled us to go places usually closed to the public and experience outstanding local hospitality. He was great with mobility limited members of our group. He made our visit to Pais Basque memorable!

And after that much fun I get this full report of our trip together: MIKE'S REPORT Thanks a lot Mike for your kind words and for all the things I learned touring you and the good ideas I had thanks to you.