miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013

June 2013, Battlefieldtour for the british army, 4th Royal Artillery Regiment, 97 batery, Lawson's company

Last month I have been very busy with visits from many friends, attending the reanacmets and hosting this Royal Artillery unit on the 200 th aniversory of the Battle of Vitoria and Siege of San Sebastian. We had an intese week indeed here you have some pics of it:

Some of the memorial ceremony on June the 21st. by british army members and families:

Some of the battlefield tour on bicycle we did on June the 22nd.:

And on the 23rd we went to San Sebastian to revisit the siege:

 Officers of the battery at the picture of the breach 50 years after the siege:

 Even the local newspaper wanted to know on the visit: Diario Vasco Lawson's Battery